Dance Ambassadors

Federico Bonelli

Federico Bonelli Headshot

“I’m lucky to say I have enjoyed such a fulfilling career whilst being able to be a parent and I would like other dancers, at every stage of their career to have the same opportunities. I think the work of PIPA is paving the way for fantastic change in the world of dance and I’m excited to see what the future brings for the industry and for other parent dancers.”






Rosie Kay


“Like many in the arts, I did face trepidation when planning a family, but little prepared me for just how much a family alters the way you work, the way you think about work, and demands you to re-think some of the norms within the arts industry.  I want to really help initiate real change in the arts to support parents, carers, children and young people, and this needs to be lead by us from within. The struggle is real, but our solutions are out there; we need to change our assumptions and sometimes re-evaluate our working methods making it easier and more acceptable to bring parenting and our children into the workplace, the studios and the theatres. I am very proud to become a PIPA ambassador, and I want to share my experiences; good bad and hopefully illuminating, so that other artists, parents and carers feel not alone.”



Bim Malcomson

Credit: The Royal Ballet School and Brian Slater

Credit: The Royal Ballet School and Brian Slater

“As a choreographer, teacher and mentor I try to lead by example. It can be difficult to juggle parenthood and a freelance career, but is not impossible and can be made easier with some small systematic changes. I am passionate about Dance and strongly believe that if the Industry is to thrive we have to support our talent at every level to reach their full potential. This is our time to evolve, to lead the way for future generations and I am excited to be a force for change in partnership with PIPA.”






Lucy McCrudden

Credit: Pari Naderi

Credit: Pari Naderi

“I am honoured to be an Ambassador for PIPA. The performing arts are on-the-whole behind in it’s attitude and resources for parents working in the industry and it is thanks to PIPA that this is being challenged in such a positive and research-based way. We are at a really exciting moment in history, and as a Dance Mama I heartily join my voice to PIPA’s rallying cry for change.”






Kerry Nicholls

Kerry Nicholls

“I am thrilled to have been invited to be a Dance Ambassador for PIPA. I have worked in the dance sector for 25 years and I am a single parent who has worked full-time since my son was born 22 years ago! I would like to be a voice for carers and parents as we need to continue pushing excellence in our field – which means employing the best person for the job with all the skills and humanity that they bring with them. This might mean embracing an employees’ caring responsibilities – and as a result, taking on board their expanded skill set built as a result of learning how to manage their split priorities.

It’s on us as individuals to find ways to live our values and engage creatively at work. Likewise, it’s on us as leaders to collaborate with carers to create an environment where they, as artists, can thrive. PIPA are building the valuable foundations for this dialogue to take place and urging us all to be courageous enough to open up to this vital conversation.”

Zenaida Yanowsky

Zenaida Yanowsky Headshot

“I’m delighted to be representing PIPA as an ambassador. I believe that you shouldn’t have to choose between the career you’ve worked for all your life, and your choice to be a parent. I’m one of the lucky ones, but there are so many more that could still be working.  Together with PIPA and our dance companies, I want to see the support needed to retain our talent, at every level, when they become parents.  It is an important conversation to have and we are in need of change to help us progress.  The dance industry loses too many of our most talented people when they become parents, and anything we can be doing to support them is beneficial not just to them, but to our companies and to our audiences.  The work that PIPA is doing is changing lives and working practices already, and I am excited to be a part of this.”


Hikaru Kobayashi

“I believe that we all come into this performing art world because of love and passion.

For some of us, once we get to be parents these passions like candle flames get lost or get much smaller.

For some of us, they do not. Why do you need to turn off these candles, if they are not getting any smaller? Why not shelter them from the winds or rain? They are still on.

One thing that I know for sure: The world will not continue without parents.”





Coronavirus (COVID-19): Help and Support

PiPA has called for performing arts organisations and the government to consider the medium term needs and risks posed to parents and carers in the sector’s workforce in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. To access our dedicated resources, updates and for further guidance on where to find support...