Music Ambassadors

Emmy the Great

“From the moment I realised I was pregnant, I sought advice from other parents in the industry on how to keep working. Their encouragement and practical advice has been invaluable in trying to navigate work and motherhood. Without it, I may have despaired of having a career at all. In this spirit, I am proud to be joining PIPA. We need to empower more people to return to the creative arts after parental leave. More choice means happier families.”

Colette Overdijk

“I have seen how my colleagues struggle to juggle parenting and their job in the orchestra, both practically and financially. A performing artist in the 21st century shouldn’t have to choose between a career and being a parent. Childcare in the performing arts, with its antisocial hours, should also be of concern to the arts organisations themselves. I am very proud to become an ambassador for PiPA!” 

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Help and Support

PiPA has called for performing arts organisations and the government to consider the medium term needs and risks posed to parents and carers in the sector’s workforce in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. To access our dedicated resources, updates and for further guidance on where to find support...