PIPA My Family Care Pilot scheme


Recent PIPA research has identified that access to ad-hoc, flexible childcare is critical in order to maintain a career in the performing arts at the same time as meeting caring responsibilities. The PIPA Balancing Act Survey also identified that those who are able to survive in the industry and dependent on the goodwill and availability of family and partners. Needless to say this is not always a viable solution for many.

My Family Care is the UK’s leader in delivering family-friendly solutions, providing users with access to a wide range of resources, including UK wide ad hoc child and elder care. Current My Family Care clients include Barclays, Deloitte, IBM, TripAdvisor and many more family friendly employers. Up until now this resource was only accessible to employees of large, corporate organisations and this pilot scheme is an innovative approach to increasing access for the performing arts workforce.

PIPA’s aim is to trial an innovative business model in partnership with My Family Care, to make these resources available for parents and carers working in the performing arts who require flexible family support, due to the unique nature of the industry’s working practices.

PIPA has joined forces with Equity and Spotlight to trial and test the model as well as assessing demand and usage. Throughout 2019, Equity and Spotlight members, as well as referrals from PIPA Strategic Partners, are able to take part in the PIPA My Family Care Pilot. There are a total of 500 pilot places to be allocated. Participants signing up to the trial will be required to complete light touch monitoring and evaluation forms periodically throughout the pilot.

The Sign Up Process

Step 1

To register interest initially Equity and Spotlight members need to email info@pipacampaign.com with the subject title PIPA MFC Pilot, as places are limited. Individuals who are not members of Spotlight or Equity but who are working with a PIPA Strategic Partner, please ask your organisation for a referral.

Please note registering interest will not automatically guarantee you a place as spaces are limited.

Step 2

After you have registered your interest you will be sent a short questionnaire, this is to gather a bit more information about your needs.

Step 3

Once your membership is confirmed, you will receive details of your personal login. You will then have access to the below listed services.

Step 4

Periodically throughout the year you will be asked for feedback on your experience of the service. This is really important for us to monitor and evaluate the pilot and is a condition of participation. At the end of the year you will be asked to complete a short evaluation form. 

Backup Care

Once registered, participants will have access to the following services:

Access to ad hoc and last minute nannies, nurseries, and childminders.

With young children it’s not a question of ‘if’ there’s a childcare breakdown but ‘when’. This service lets you book a nanny, childminder or nursery place anywhere across the UK with as little as 2 hours’ notice or up to 3 months in advance. My Family Care has over 1450 nurseries and 2000 fully vetted childminders for you to choose from, as well as carefully vetted emergency nannies from the UK’s leading nanny agencies

Access to nationwide holiday clubs. 

You can choose from over 500 fun-packed, activity-filled holiday clubs nationwide – ideal for filling those awkward care gaps for your older children during the long school holidays.

Domiciliary care for elderly relative, or any adult dependent. 

You may need help when an older relative returns home after a hospital stay. Perhaps you simply want to give one of your parents a well-earned break from looking after the other. You may even need some support yourself!  Whatever the reason, our fully regulated regional agencies can provide suitably trained home carers to help take the pressure off when it counts most.

Equity and Spotlight have generously agreed to underwrite the cost of accessing the service which means that as a pilot participant you will need cover the cost of care, using your own credit/debit card. Prices and full terms and conditions are available on the PIPA Work+Family Space which will be available for Pilot Participants from January 1st 2019.  

Further Resources

As well as the care aspect the following resources will also be available through the PIPA Work + Family Space:

You can arrange a phone call with a friendly expert.  

A straightforward, friendly and honest approach ensures you receive genuinely relevant advice. From questions about care to dealing with emotional, practical, parenting or work-related issues, the team of work+family experts are here to help. Examples of the sorts of topics include:

  •    Flexible working issues
  •    Adult and eldercare challenges
  •    Combining work and family
  •    Being a good parent
  •    Child development

Assistance to find permanent care. One-to-one advice to help find your ideal long-term care solution, whether childcare or eldercare.  We’ll take the time to understand your needs, discuss local options and provide you with personalised advice and information to help you carry out an effective search, or recruitment.

Webinars cover a broad range of work+family topics, helping you to get to grips positively with the issues and challenges of combining work and family life.

A library of invaluable, detailed guides makes it easy for you to access the right information on a range of work+family issues. 

You can access a collection of news stories and other articles that’s of particular interest to working parents and carers.
A series of questions and answers, plus regular webinars, exploring parenthood and successfully combining work+family, from the perspective of dads.


I’m not a Spotlight or Equity Member.  Can I sign up?

The trial period is initially for Spotlight and Equity members. PIPA Partners will also have a small allocation of places. If you work or are about to work with a PIPA Partner please contact your manager or PIPA Champion to enquire.

What will be asked of me for taking part in the trial?

Participants signing up to the trial will be required to complete a short survey initially and light touch monitoring and evaluation forms periodically throughout the pilot. This is in order that we are able to monitor and evaluate the need and usage of the piot.

Do I have to use it regularly or is there a limit to my usage?

Once you have signed up to take part in the trial you can use the resources as much or as little as you need. However we would urge you to try and use it on a regular basis if possible in order to give us the best understanding of which elements are most helpful.

I am on tour, can I book care in different towns?

The My Family Care network is available across the UK. Once logged on you will be able to see the care providers available in each area.

How do I book care?

You will be able to book care directly through the My Family Care website with a personal login or through the App that will be available once the PIPA trial is live.

What is the minimum booking?

The minimum booking for a childminder or nursery is one day. For a nanny it is 4 hours.

Can I use the same childcare provider?

You will be able to book the same nursery/ childminder subject to availability.

What are the costs involved?

Individuals are responsible for the cost of the childcare as well as a 5% booking fee. Equity and Spotlight are generously funding the overall cost of access to the scheme.

What happens if the care provider I want to use isn’t part of the network?

My Family Care invite new childcare providers to join the scheme at no extra cost and will provide all supporting material and allow the care provider to fill unused places. Please contact My Family Care directly to propose new providers.  

How can I support the scheme?

Tell your friends, share on social media and please stay in touch and let us know what is and isn’t working for you!

I am an employer, how can we access the scheme?

The scheme is only available to PIPA Strategic Partners. Please contact pipacampaign@gmail.com about becoming a Strategic Partner.

My question isn’t answered here.

Please email pipacampaign@gmail.com if you have further questions.