PiPA Scotland

Parents and Carers in Performing Arts, in partnership with the Federation of Scottish Theatre, has been funded by the Scottish Government’s Workplace Equality Fund to work with performing arts organisations across Scotland to increase business resilience; enabling them to attract, support and retain more diverse talent, ensuring that parents and carers have equal access to work on and off stage. 

We want to introduce the extensive tools, research and resources already developed by PiPA, including the Best Practice Charter Programme, to Scotland-based organisations and to build on and develop the network of those already committed to supporting parents and carers in the workplace.  By establishing regional networks of performing arts organisations and individual practitioners, our aim is to share best practice, insights and resources, and to establish local support for carers and parents. These action-oriented networks are a great opportunity to get brilliant creative minds in the room together to make a real difference. 

The funded project currently runs until July 2020. Throughout this time we we will be hosting regular online meetings for parents and carers, as well as for organisations taking part in the Charter Programme to understand the needs of the sector and create a support network, offering free coaching sessions for performing arts practitioners with caring responsibilities, and share Scotland specific resources that could support parents and carers during and beyond the Coronavirus crisis.

Here, you can find further details relating to Scotland-specific PiPA activity including:

For more information, please join our PiPA Scotland Facebook group. You can also email Saffy, PiPA’s coordinator in Scotland at pipascotland@gmail.com to be added to our Scotland mailing list and check back here for regular project updates and events news. 

Coronavirus (COVID-19): Help and Support

PiPA has called for performing arts organisations and the government to consider the medium term needs and risks posed to parents and carers in the sector’s workforce in light of the Coronavirus pandemic. To access our dedicated resources, updates and for further guidance on where to find support...