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Equity is UK trade union for professional performers and creative practitioners. It’s members form a cultural community that is of major importance to the UK in artistic, social and economic terms and Equity works to support them by negotiating their terms and conditions including fee structures with all kinds of employers and employer’s groups.

Equity has been backing PIPA.

Family Arts Campaign

The Family Arts Campaign is a large scale, national collaborative programme led by the visual and performing arts sectors to increase levels of arts engagement by families.

The Family Arts Campaign and the Family & Childcare Trust have developed a set of Family Arts Standards, addressing a need for clear guidance on how best to welcome families to arts organisations. Check:

Family Arts Campaign has been backing PIPA.

Stage Directors UK

Stage Directors UK (SDUK) is the only professional body representing theatre and opera directors in the UK. It deals with all directors’ issues, including fees, royalties, contracts, copyright, digital rights, self development, training, the art of direction, project funding, and the basic need to meet together and share professional experiences.

Stage Directors UK is supporting PIPA

Stage Management Association

The SMA works for stage managers and stage management in UK.  All types of performances need creative stage management. We support, develop, represent and promote the work of members in the profession

SMA is supporting PIPA.

Bea & Co.

Bea & Co. is a unique London childcare and lifestyle agency that matches discerning parents with experienced and imaginative childsitters from the creative industries. Whether private or corporate, Bea & Co. offers a highly individual first class service tailored to each of our members and their family’s needs.

Bea & Co are providing the free Crèche at PIPA’s Launch.

Artsphere Creative

Artsphere Creative is a multi-disciplinary agency based in Birmingham, delivering imaginative web, print and media solutions.

Artsphere Creative has designed PIPA’s logo and created this website

Prams In The Hall

Prams In The Hall is a theatre company that focuses on bold new writing and modern retellings of classic works from a female perspective. It is inclusive to artists and audiences who are parents.

Prams In The Hall is supporting PIPA.


Raising Films

A discussion space for filmmakers with families. We are losing too much talent to the choice many filmmakers are forced to make, between being a parent and making films. We don’t believe this choice is necessary, but rather a product of social and economic conditions, and we want to start a conversation about how change can be made for filmmakers who want to have a family and continue their careers.

Mothers Who Make

Mothers who Make is a growing national initiative aimed at supporting mothers who are artists with regular meetings where children are welcome.

ProCreate Project

An agency aiming to provide practical help and financial support to enable artists to continue producing work during pregnancy and motherhood

Cultural ReProducers

Cultural ReProducers are an evolving group of active cultural workers who are also parents. This site is for anyone interested in making the art world a more inclusive and interesting place by supporting arts professionals raising kids.

Theatre Parents

An informal Facebook group of parents working in theatre